Kayleen Gray

Who Am I?

I am Who I Am...
Kayleen Gray

My name is Kayleen Jean Gray.  I was born in Perth, Western Australia quite some time ago.  In fact, you may say many moons ago if you were in Astrology.  Though many facets of my life would be interesting to anybody that is wanting to be directed on the path of finding their way to me.

I am a Medium/ Spiritual Advisor/ Reiki Healer.  I have been doing readings in my studio for over 21 years now.  Though I have been a Medium all my life I have been met with many spiritual journeys.

I decided long ago to be the person who I am over my life so that I can share myself with what the Universe has directed me to do.  I would like to invite you to explore my website and to contact me.  So, with that being said I may be honored to help you to discover and fill full your journey in this life and put you on to the right pathway for yourself.

To your success love joy and happiness in life.  So, come along and visit my site and let’s start you on your new life on the right pathway for yourself today.




Kayleen's gum trees
Scenes from my life