Kayleen Gray

Mentoring Monthly

A Higher Perspective

With so much love… I am teaching through years of learning and growing, from trials and tribulations, experiences that are much more paranormal then the people I see day-to-day. In this lifetime, I make time to guide clients, give them experiences and knowledge to help them on their pathway In this lifetime.


We all grow at different pace, experiencing the stages of our Individual journeys….


It is time for me make room in my schedule, to accept clients to meet either in person or remotely, once a month on an individual basis. These sessions will provide tools to help the student grow, tailored completely to each individual client, aimed to advance your spiritual practice.


During each month, assignments will be given and the results will be discussed, one to one, at the next meeting. Always, the guidance provided comes straight through from spirit. When you commit to monthly mentoring, each session will include discussion that builds on the lessons before. Unlike the workshops—which are focused on one topic only—mentoring offers my clients the ability to absorb lessons on a deeper level and improve in the areas of their life which they desire to pursue.


These special sessions are available on a limited basis and give me the opportunity to focus on the growth of my beautiful  clients…



Always us, Living love