Kayleen Gray

When I first contacted Kayleen for a reading, my life was spinning out of control. My home was a war zone, I hated my job, and I was giving my heart away to men who didn’t love me back, and didn’t value or respect me. Kayleen made direct connections with my loved ones who’d passed on but still looked out for me. She provided answers from the other side that brought me peace and told me the truth—when I didn’t want to hear it. She helped me to stop fooling myself, assess my strengths, and open my eyes.  


I have always been a very giving person, and as my spiritual adviser, Kayleen taught me how to give some of that love to myself. Kayleen gifted me with practical techniques that have drawn out wonders from me. I am so very grateful for the help Kayleen gives me; she enables me to see the innate value in myself. She has filled my spiritual toolbox with gifts of guidance and encouragement, meditation and prayer, with discipline and forgiveness. Right now, I am working on letting go, not holding on so tightly to past hurts. I am making more room for love and joy in my life.  


Materially, my finances have stabilized, I have made peace in my work life and purchased my dream home—the first home I have purchased on my own—and live a life of abundance.  


When I first made a call to Kayleen, I had no idea that life could be so peaceful, that I could relax and enjoy it. With her help, I am transforming my reality. She is an amazingly gifted communicator and teacher. I count Kayleen among the blessings of this life.  


— Sue M.