Kayleen Gray

I stepped out of a shadow of doubt and became new.


Have you ever felt lost after losing someone close to you? I felt that way after my dad had passed away. He meant everything to me; he still does. I was afraid he was stuck in a black hole because it was myself that was actually at a standstill in life. I had been to one Medium before and not gotten any answers. In fact, I pretty much gave up, and then I met Kayleen. I literally walked up to her and told her, “I think I need a cleanse”. Who does that!? I didn’t even know who she was, but she and I were meant to meet. Kayleen is a different experience. She is a guide to a path of enlightenment and a guide to an inner spirituality that I needed. In my personal session, Kayleen not only put my heart and mind at ease with my dad, but she let me know even more about myself that my own family doesn’t know, secrets buried so deep that she is the only other one who knows. To have a person with a gift tell you what your past was and what future you can be is priceless. With Kayleen’s guidance, I’m stronger and with her workshops, I feel completer and more confident. I am able to sense more around me with my eyes closed than I ever did with them wide open.


I have so much more in my life now, than I had before I found my spirituality. I remember being a kid staring out the window and completely going somewhere else, just to find peace. I get to do that again, to find peace. Peace of mind, of self, and my spirit. People tend to view me as a jokester because when I would act “weird” it’s easier to cover up the fact that I might just be a little bit more than that. I was too afraid to admit that to myself let alone others, I’m not anymore. I knew that I was different in a way where I knew I could make someone feel better or happy, I also knew that when I did things like that, I felt so drained and tired. You can have Empathy for people, but have you ever been an Empath? Kayleen knew right off the bat, recently I was even told by another Empath that sensed me. We all have strengths, and you can either embrace them or ignore them, but if you’re reading these Testimonies that other clients and myself have written, then you should already know you want to talk to Kayleen.


To anyone who reads this, remember, if you are seeking answers or wondering why the hairs on the back of your neck stand up for no reason, I suggest you make an appointment and prepare yourself. You will not be the same—you will be better. You will not be left confused but understand that there is more to find out. In this life our journey is short, and if you want to know more or come to terms that you also just might be more than you appear to be as well. Kayleen is a Medium, a Spiritual Guide and a Coach, and to me, much more.


–Liz V.