Kayleen Gray

Kayleen was meant to be in my life.


Just hearing her voice soothed my anxious and broken heart. In just a moment of knowing me she said, “cut him some slack”.


People will say one wants what their heart wants, but sometimes we fail to listen to our heart and rather listen to our head, our friends, our parents… everything BUT our heart.


Kayleen knew my heart. When we had our first reading, she finished my sentences, asked for minimal detail and literally laid out exactly what it was. It was as if we were connected in not just one lifetime, but many.


Being someone who takes care of others and puts myself on the back burner, Kayleen told me to get back to me, to take care of me. It’s as if she knew it had been a month since I had treated myself to a manicure & pedicure (I never miss my two week appointment).


Kayleen’s energy & spirit are authentic, comforting and real. She will tell you just as it is, no sugar-coating.


I have had a few follow-up questions, one that included a big decision on leaving a job that I was VERY happy at, however driving 3 hours a day and she said, “I see more money”… The new company offered me less, however, being that Kayleen gave me the confidence to ask for more, I was able to get a $20K increase and an amazing company that’s culture mirrors the prior one.


My sweet friend gifted me an hour reading with Kayleen and I paid it forward to my friend who was struggling in her own relationship with her husband. Kayleen spent an hour with her. My friend took her advice, let her guard down, opened her heart and her and her husband are doing fantastic.


Since finding Kayleen I have found myself… the heart of who I am. It comforts me knowing she’s only a call a way… I cannot imagine my life without her and would recommend her to any person who is torn and needs guidance.


– Maya L.