Kayleen Gray

As beings having this Human experience, if we are lucky enough to cross paths with the rarest of souls that once we are forever transformed and blessed, a soul who has a heart full of true compassion and unconditional love for all living beings, a soul that radiates a light so warm and powerful it engulfs you within it. I have been lucky enough and blessed to have crossed paths with such a being and she is Kayleen.


Since the moment we met I have been forever changed through her extremely authentic and powerful gifts. Kayleen has helped me realize my own inner power and abilities. I am taken aback by her selflessness, loyalty to truth and love for all her spiritual gifts are always on point. Her vision is consistently clear and her connection to spirit is truly unique and powerfully evident. What I thought would be a one time reading has developed into a life long friendship. I am unable to imagine my life without her.



Tarot reader/spiritual practioner