Kayleen Gray

I have known Kayleen for over 15 years and she has been a Divine influence in my life. As a medium, she has connected me to those on the other side which has given me unimaginable comfort and relief.


Her Reiki healing skills have helped me with multiple physical ailments over the years.


She is a great teacher who enjoys sharing her knowledge, stories, and life experiences all of which add to her talents and treatments.


Kayleen is truly a healer on so many levels. She treats clients spiritually, emotionally, and physically as well. In addition to her spiritual gifts Kayleen is a counselor who exudes warmth, loving kindness, and humor! She is very talented, caring, compassionate and so giving of herself. She works very hard and sacrifices her time and energy for others. Her mission is to help others, especially on their spiritual journey, and I can’t think of a more noble profession. It is not about income for her, it is her philosophy and the way she lives her life.


– Kerry P.