Kayleen Gray

I’ve been working with Kayleen for over five years, and, without a doubt, she has been the steadfast, guiding light through every transition in my life. From leaving an emotionally abusive relationship and corporate career to moving to a new country and falling in love with my soul partner, to establishing my independence, to the untimely passing of my little brother, Kayleen’s insight, wisdom and advice have helped me through my darkest moments. She is compassionate, loving, and kind. Her readings are, literally, always right. In addition to her guidance, Kayleen has coached me to grow my own spirituality through meditation practice, physical exercise, reading, and journaling. Even on the saddest of days, a call with Kayleen, infused with her beautiful laughter, leaves me hopeful and happy. I also trust Kayleen with Reiki, and she’s been instrumental in helping me heal more quickly and wholly from a severe cold, to an ankle fracture. I can’t recommend Kayleen and her services highly enough.

Kayleen, I cherish you, and anyone would call themselves lucky to be able to work with you.

– Jessica T.