Kayleen Gray

My life was forever changed five years ago when I walked into Kayleen’s studio apartment. I swore angels carried me there and after four hours of self-discovery and spiritual realization, I found in fact that was very true.

Since then our relationship has grown into so much more than spiritual advisor and pupil, but really a life guide/coach. I have found my spirituality to be more free-flowing and true since working with her through one-on-one readings and workshops that she holds. I can say on many occasions, such as my bold move to NYC from San Diego for my career where she had guided me through spirit had been the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I have also found that through her teachings I have become more positive and happy in my life as a whole. I have dropped a lot of relationships that were proving to be more toxic just by believing in my intuition. She also helped me realize that I was on this planet not just as a normal mortal person but as a healer who has traveled lifetimes to bring help and happiness to many people I come into contact with.

Now of course people hear ‘psychic medium’ or ‘spiritual guide’ and immediately become nervous, scared, skeptical, or just plain reject the idea, but I will tell you right now… One exchange of words, a look or even hearing her infectious laugh you know this woman is the real deal. I do believe if you are pure of heart and intentions you will find Kayleen or in other ways, she will find you.

I honestly feel like I couldn’t even possibly do this woman the justice she deserves just by writing these simple words, but I did my best and strongly urge anyone who is looking to work on their spirituality or just better understand how this wonderful and crazy universe works make an appointment with her ASAP.

– Drew L.