Kayleen Gray

I have had many readings with Kayleen over the years, since I was 16 years old. During my first reading, I was shocked at what she knew about me. She discussed my grandfather, who passed several years prior, who loved country music and danced with me as a young girl. She discussed his personality to a T. After our reading, the music suddenly turned to Country music, without anyone near Kayleen’s radio. She also discussed a health problem that nobody knew about, as well as a huge life event that would later turn to come to fruition. Throughout my readings with her over the years, she has brought in my dad, who also passed away, and knew exactly how he passed.

She discussed many things nobody else knows about, and in fine detail, and predicted many things to come, including me joining the military followed by me going into the health field.

Her clarity is amazing. She does thorough meditation beforehand and comes prepared for readings. I rarely say few words, except to validate something she says or ask final questions. That said, I don’t suggest things, she simply comes with Spirit ready to share what I need to know at this stage in my life.

She is truly gifted, and she has validated my own gifts while directing me on a path that reflects my true self.

Kayleen has provided me with several tools and practices to explore and fine-tune my own gifts including various meditations, grounding, and dream interpretation. She is truly a remarkable woman and gives of her heart to others.

She’s THE mentor, healer, and teacher for those seeking to find their path. I am grateful to have been guided by her light and lucky to have experienced her healing gifts!

– Kimberley